About us?

We are a factory specialized in remanufacturing brake calipers for industrial and comercial vehicles

The brake caliper is one of the most important elements towards the active diving-safety

  • The replacement of the caliper or other hydraulic/pneumatic components of the brake system is not produced by friction wearing, but for their deterioration or accidental breakage.
  • We have more tan 25 years of experience in the automotive sector for industrial vehicles and 8 years in the field of  brake calipers remanufacturing.
  • Our large experience allow us to offer a wide range of remanufactured brake calipers with the best quality certifications.
  • During our remanufacturing process we apply the same strict technic and security standards than applied by OEMs (cleaning, component replacements, etc).
  • All our brake calipers are treated with anti-rust coating and they are submitted to functionally tests in order to guarantee their correct performance.
  • Apart from their reliability, the Rother remanufactured calipers are an eco-friendly choice.
  • Our enterprise policy is to reduce the environmental impact by recicling the old body caliper.


The brake caliper is a fundamental piece in the braking process.

Brake calipers are solid iron cores installed around brake rotors, providing support to the brake pads and pistons.

The entire assembly is designed to enable the brake pads to clamp the disc and, through friction, slow or stop the vehicle.


A facility suited to the volume of business of Rother Industries Technology

Our facilities are divided in multiple departments. Some of them are the following ones:

-Remanufacturing section
-Quality Department
-Marketing and Commercial Department.
-Financial Department
-Engineering and R&D Department
-Sales and Customer Support Department

All our divisions give to Rother the added value which distinguishes us from our competitors.

The new facilities, inaugurated in 2019, have a surface area of more than 3,000 m2, dimensions appropriate to its growing business volume.

Technology-based industrial company

  • Thanks to this working style we have launched each line of product with total confidence and total performance warranty.
  • We offer a wide range of calipers for commercial and   industrial vehicles and brake components with the highest quality.