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Remanufactured product

Continuous functionality improvement
Through this program we make sure we can continue recycling

Customer delivery

Product to remanufacture

We offer to our customers our wide range of remanufactured calipers for commercial and industrial vehicles:

Air brake calipers

More than 450 available references and models, adaptable to the top brands of the European market:

Hydraulics Calipers

We offer more than 200 models adaptable to the top brands of the market

Remanufactured carriers

The carrier is one of the most important parts of the caliper.

Sometimes the replacement of this piece avoids the replacement of the complete caliper, which reduces the repair costs.

We have a wide range of remanufactured carriers adaptable to all the references of air brake calipers of the market.

New release !!! Rother New Calipers

Available from April 2021

It is a 100% reliable caliper which exceeds our quality standards.

This type of caliper is not included in the Exchange process, the buyer don’t need to return the old core caliper.

Maintenance kits

Rother launches its new line of maintenance kits for the external repair of the caliper. All the maintenance kits are adaptable to the top brands calipers.

New carriers

New launching of our newest  Carrier catalogue adaptable to top brand calipers.

Repair kits

We distribute the repair kits adaptable to all the caliper we remanufacture.

We have more than 600 models of repair kits adaptable to all the references of air and hydraulic brake calipers of the European market.