Welcome to Rother Industries & Technology

Who are we?

We are a technology-based industrial company with R&D specialized in remanufacturing brake components for industrial and commercial vehicles.

We take care of the environment.

We give a second life to first level products, giving a quality alternative to new products and promoting the circular economy.

We are industrial manufacturers

We have a brake caliper remanufacturing production line with a productive capacity which exceed 1000 monthly units.

All these aspects combined to our 25 years of experience in the automotive sector has positioned us as leaders in this field.


We are the sole company able to remanufacture all air and hydraulic brake caliper of the European market, giving one-year warranty

We offer to our customers our wide products range for industrial and commercial vehicles:


We give service and we distribute all our products from Spain to Europe and Africa.

Our Foreign Trade Department is able to give customer support in multiple languages. Thanks to our distribution network, we can offer our products simplifying the logistic and custom processes to any country in the world. We guarantee 12/24h delivery in Spain and 48/72h in Europe and Africa.

Rother recibe un incentivo de la Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía IDEA, de la Junta de Andalucía, por un importe de 31.896,77€, cofinanciado en un 80% por la Unión Europea a través del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional, FEDER para la realización del proyecto
TeCH-iN: Test de Cálipers HIdráulicos y Neumáticos con el objetivo de promover el desarrollo tecnológico, la innovación y una investigación de calidad.

Rother Industries & Technology inside a program of export introduction, ICEX Next, has the ICEX (Spanish International Commerce Institution) support and has also received joint financing of ERDF. The objective of this type of programs is to contribute to the international development of the company.

Rother Industries & Technology, S.L. has been beneficiary of ERDF programs which have the purpose of improving the competitiveness of the SMEs. The ERDF has developed an Internationalization Plan with the objective of improving the competitive positioning of SMEs in international markets during 2019 and 2020. In collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Cordoba, Rother has participated in the XPANDE program.