High quality remanufacturing

Dedicated to offering innovative solutions for the automotive sector


We are a technology-based industrial company with R&D&i experts in the remanufacturing of braking system components for industrial and commercial vehicles.

We care about the environment

We give first-rate products a second chance, offering a high-quality alternative to new products, encouraging a circular economy.

Industrial Manufacturer

We have a caliper remanufacturing line with a productive capacity of more than 1000 units monthly.

All of this, alongside accumulated experience of more than 25 years, has positioned us as leaders in the sector.

Remanufactured brake calipers


We are the only Spanish company able to remanufacture all models of pneumatic and hydraulic calipers on the European market, with a one-year guarantee.

KNORR-BREMSE brake caliper


MERITOR brake caliper


HALDEX brake caliper


WABCO brake caliper


BPW brake caliper


We distribute and provide services to Europe and Africa, all from Spain

Our international department allows us to service and assess our clients in various languages. Thanks to our distribution network, we can offer our products, facilitating logistical and customs processes for clients from different countries. We guarantee delivery within 12-24 hours in Spain, and 48-72 hours in Europe and Africa.


Our caliper remanufacturing process is carried out by our highly-qualified staff with adherence to strict quality measures. That’s why we were awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Differences between remanufacturing and repairing

A repair consists of fixing a specific problem in the caliper, which might seem more economical in the short term, but the part will end up failing. On the other hand, our remanufacturing process consists of completely disassembling the caliper, thoroughly verifying the core and all its components and substituting those that show excessive wear. Then are reassembled by expert mechanics who follow the original manufacturer’s technical specifications.

Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&i)

Rother has supported research and development since its very beginnings. It has invested in an engineering and R&D&i department, which has worked to seek excellence in all the company’s processes.

Ongoing research into improving the quality of our products

Analysing and improving the company’s operating process, following a “Lean Manufacturing” management model and philosophy

New caliper research

Every time that a new caliper is introduced to the market, it has to be evaluated to see whether guaranteed remanufacturing is viable. In-depth research needs to be carried out, to generate all the technical documentation on the matter, design and manufacture replacement parts, perform real operation tests and, finally, train the company’s staff to be able to add the new caliper to our catalogue.

Creating machinery

A pneumatic caliper testing bank has been created at our department, which is used at the end of our production line to certify that each unit produced by Rother is found in perfect operating conditions.

Seeking new products

Evaluating new products that may be able to be remanufactured and constitute an innovation in the replacement parts sector. Currently, we are running a project for remanufacturing electronic components for industrial and commercial vehicles.

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Imagen de Isabel Ambrosio conociendo la Empresa Innovadora Rother Industries & Technology

Isabel Ambrosio Conoce la Empresa Innovadora Rother Industries & Technology

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Imagen de Isabel Ambrosio conociendo la Empresa Innovadora Rother Industries & Technology

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Rother’s central office is located in the beautiful city that inspired Góngora, the city of Córdoba (Andalusia, Spain), which was once the capital of the world in the times of Abd ar-Rahman III (929 AD). At the foot of the Sierra Morena mountains, overlooked by the Mosque-Cathedral, it surrounded by orange groves, and the scent of blossom pervades the streets.



Central Headquarters
C/ Fausto García Tena nº 16-C, 14014 – Córdoba

Logistics Warehouse
C/ Castilla León, 30 (P.I. Pozo Hondo), 13610 - Campo de Criptana, Ciudad Real