This past Friday, we had the opportunity to visit the Cerro Muriano Military Base in the company of representatives of the Confederation of Businessmen of Córdoba (CECO), the University Foundation for the Development of the Province of Córdoba (Fundecor) and the Social Council of the UCO.

During the visit, we were able to verify that the professional capabilities of the military are comparable to those of the National Catalog of Professional Qualifications, which demonstrates their adaptability to different scenarios and activities. Furthermore, their professional career model allows them to acquire both military and professional skills, favoring their transition to the civilian labor market.

At Rother, we continue to maintain our active collaboration with the military world, which allowed us to be part of this visit and learn first-hand about the skills and abilities of the military in different areas. We believe this can be very valuable for the development of new technologies and products beneficial not only to the military sector, but also to other sectors. We feel committed to continuing to support these types of initiatives in the future.

Source: Diario Córdoba